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Focus on luxury

Over the 11years, we have been focusing on offering our service to the luxury travel agencies and clubs. Since we mainly focus on the high-end clients and have spent years with them, our travel concierge will always have great understanding and communications with the clients experiences in Japan.


Minivan Service

KINOKO is equipped with an exclusive fleet of vehicles, providing you with the utmost comfort during your journey.

As our drivers are part of our team, we can bypass many suppliers and directly execute the travel itinerary, reducing errors and ensuring a smoother travel experience for you.


Kinoko is able to get great deals concerning your accommodation. Based on our firsthand experience, and feedback from our clients, we’ve curated this short list of Japan’s best and most splurge-worthy boutique and luxury hotels / hot springs ryokans.

Hotels and
Hot Spring resorts

Private experiences
and Itineraries
Only at kinoko

Kinoko is here to provide you the best experiences and itineraries related to your travel wishes. Concierges can connect you to our private network in various field of activities such as food critic, Lecturers , Artists, and Architect.They are passionate professionals who will show you the finest realization in their field. You can learn from them and have unique experiences in Japan. Only at kinoko club concierge!


Classic Itinerary

Classic Itinerary


We have rich experience with the world-famous entrepreneurs, politicians and celebrities.

Concierge who are proficient in designing your tour with Michelin restaurants, Japanese Culture, routes off the beaten track.

Francois Gallon

"I come from Saint-Malo, Brittany, France. I spent all my childhood and adolescence near the sea. This is perhaps what gave me a taste for the great outdoors, travel and adventure. After 8 years at a Parisian DMC selling French high-end services I am starting a new adventure in a new culture. Traveling 9 times in various destination inside Japan meant a lot to me. Now, I find a certain essence in helping other people to escape like I did. I am passionate about what I do, I want to discover a lot of experiences in Japan and share them with you."


Hi,I am anita.work on tourist industry for 15 years since 2008, and absorbed in luxury travel since 2013. my footprints spread across whole Japan. Travel is not only my career, also have been my daily life.

Rei Hikawa

Welcome to Japan! I am Rei, a travel consultant with more than 10 Years of experience since 2010. Well versed in various areas of travel.(business/holidays, group/individual etc). My mission is to diagnose all your specifications and wishes and assist you in making it happen. Explore wonderful Japan with me and enjoy Japan one step deeper on your next Japan trip!