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From the heights of the Otemachi Tower, Aman Tokyo tempers urban dynamism with a profound atmosphere of serenity.

Inspired by Japanese design tradition, with ikebana displays, washi paper doors and engawa platforms, the vast lobby, ryokan-style rooms and Aman Spa are all among the city’s largest.

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A Haven for relaxing so near,yet so far, from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Incorporating traditional Japanese architectural styles together with interior arrangements of "shoji" paper screens and sliding partitions, the refined Japanese modern atmosphere is perfect for relaxation.

From their rooms, guests can also enjoy the panoramic Tokyo cityscape which includes a view of the National Diet Building.

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HOSHINOYA Tokyo lies in the city's economic center, A short walk from Tokyo Station and the Imperial Palace. In contrast with its grand facade, the 17-story hotel offers a relaxed ambience with a sense of intimacy and surprise--qualities that are rooted in traditional Japanese hospitality.

Each floor is an exclusive domain, accessible only by the guests staying there, and with a dedicated staff in place to meet their every need, as well as to maintain the elegant customs that have been honored for centuries at the traditional Japanese inn--the ryokan.


A Sky-High sanctuary in the heartof the financial core

In a city fuelled by boundless energy and defined by intriguing contrasts, Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Otemachi delivers next -generation luxury experiences with inimitable style.

Soaring above the heart of the capital and offering expansive Imperial Palace views, Four Seasons puts you at centre stage, from sky-high gourmet meals on our rooftop terrace to gala business and social events at Tokyo’s best address.

Set in a secret garden at the heart of a forest, Aman Kyoto rests a stone’s throw from Kyoto’s golden Kinkakuji Temple and 16 other Unesco World Heritage Sites. The resort is nonetheless a secluded world apart, with lightfilled suites and pavilions set in tranquil glades and its steaming private onsen offering healing in the Aman Spa.

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The Beauty of Kyoto

Our exquisite Japanese style hotel (Ryokan) has seven rooms, each with its own distinct charm.

The hotel aims to elevate each room to its highest quality in order to bring pleasure and serenity to our guests.

Only a stone's throw from the iconic Nijo Castle, this hotel is steeped in history. Built on the location of the Mitsui family's Kyoto home, maintained for over 250 years. The incorporation of the traditional architecture of the original house in the stunning entranceway and Japanese garden is beautifully done. Hotel The Mitsui Kyoto perfectly combines modern Japanese design with classic Kyoto luxury to provide guests a calm and comfortable stay in Japan's ancient capital.

Our favourite feature of the hotel, and one which attracts many guests, is the zen-like ‘Thermal Spring'spa. It is rare to find true natural spring water in Kyoto so we love that you can enjoy an onsen's health benefits in such a luxurious setting. The spa is tastefully decorated; natural materials taking centre stage. This results in a peaceful atmosphere which strips away all the stresses of modern-day living. Hotel The Mitsui Kyoto also has two private onsen rooms available to hire for staying guests, where you can have an authentic onsen experience in complete privacy. Hotel The Mitsui Kyoto is the ideal hotel for clients who want to encounter traditional Japan while staying in luxury. Centrally located for sightseeing, designed with natural materials, and equipped with a luxury spa as well as traditional Japanese onsen, any guest is sure to have a wonderful stay at Hotel The Mitsui Kyoto


A perfect union of past
and present

Gora Kadan is located on the grounds of Kan’in-no-miya Villa,the former summer villa of a member of the Imperial Family in the town of Gora in Hakone.

In this villa, which blends Japanese tradition along with modern design elements,we offer hot spring waters that flow freely from the source and an authentic kaiseki cuisine prepared with strictly selected seasonal ingredients.

At Ubuya
We celebrate life

Enjoy the views of Mt. Fuji along with gourmet meals as you celebrate with your family.Weʼll celebrate with you and share in your joy.
See the people you love smile like never before.


Welcome to The Hakuba Collection

A series of 16 luxury ski accommodations in the Olympic ski valley of Hakuba
The Hakuba Collection is the valley's premier boutique Hakuba accommodation provider
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