Exclusive membership bar with geisha experience

Exclusive membership bar with geisha experience

"MiyakoTori" is a waiting teahouse with an 80-year history in Asakusa, Tokyo. It's an exclusive membership restaurant and bar introduced by regular customers. What is a waiting teahouse? In the past, in Japan, there were two types of establishments where one could find geisha performances and companionship: restaurants and waiting teahouses, both of which were referred to as "ryotei." The main difference is that waiting teahouses don't have their own kitchen or chefs; they serve food brought from surrounding eateries to satisfy customers' desires for various dishes like sushi and eel feasts. Compared to restaurants, waiting teahouses place a greater emphasis on geisha performances, entertainment, and privacy. They are primarily used for gatherings of Japan's political and business elites.MiyakoTori the only remaining waiting teahouse in Tokyo. Miyako Tori also has a mysterious bar that can only accommodate up to 6 guests. This is the only bar in Japan where you can see geisha. Entry is not allowed without a regular customer leading the way, adding to its mysterious allure.

Experience Contect

Access to a private, undisclosed bar.

Geisha accompanying for 2 hours inside the bar.

2 - 6 PERSON

Celebrity tour guide


1.Mr. Yusuke Yoneda

Japanese historian

Mr. Yusuke Yoneda is a Japanese historian. He is a director of the Society for Ancient Studies, a public interest incorporated foundation, and a professor emeritus at Hiroshima Prefectural Women\'s University and Kobe Women\'s University. His specialty is ancient Japanese history. He studied the Heian period, especially the regency system. After working at the Shosoin, he also wrote many books about it.He will be your special guide into the amazing Nara National Museum.

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